Hydraulic Cylinders
We specialize in the design and manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders which are for your task, your equipment and specifications

We are one of the leading manufacturers of quality hydraulic cylinders. The team at ConcordHydraulics can produce cylinders to your exact requirements, either as a one off job or in larger quantities. Our design team is ISO 9001 certified, which means we can carry out additional modifications to improve the existing design sothat you are not restricted to a set design. Each &Every cylinder is tailored exactly to your requirements Cylinders are available with a variety of valve applications and paint specifications to suit the cylinders environment

Many variations of single and double acting CYLINDERS are available. Single acting bore sealed, or low friction displacement single acting, in sizes from 25mm bore through to 350mm bore in strokes and mounting types to suit your requirements. Double acting cylinders are available and manufactured to your specification or can be chosen from our popular range which includes cylinders from 25mm bore through to 180mm bore in any length, and rod diameter, mounting arrangements to suit your particular requirements.

We at concord Hydraulics are experienced in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and are justly proud of our quality achieved through our modern machining and welding methods, sound proven design and a strictly maintained high standard of production.

This is our assurance that you will be supplied with a product which will provide you a long and trouble free service through simple effective maintenance.
Information Required when Ordering
Closed Centres
Shaft Diameter
Single or Double Acting
Bore Size of Tube
Type of Ends
Pin Hole Sizes
Size of Ports
Mounting type
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