Portable Filtration Unit
A disposal 25 micron filter cartridge is provided in the pressure line and may be changed in minutes without removing the filter from the unit. A pressure gauge is provided to show when cartridge needs changing. One spare cartridge is furnished with each unit.
Transfer Unit
Oil can be easily transferred from an oil drum to the machine reservoir or vice versa.
Complete Portability
Unit can be wheeled readily from place to place.
Low Cost Maintanence
“CONCORD” porta filter provides periodic 25 micron filtration of Hydraulic system as required and pays for itself through longer Hydraulic system life.
No Down Time
Oil can be re-circulated and filtered without shutting down your machine.
Plug-in Operation
A 0.75 hp x 1440 RPM, 230V, 50Hz motor single phase motor with ON/OFF switch drives, the 20 to 32 LPM pump on the porta filter. it may be plugged into any single phase electrical outlet using the cord provided.
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