Hydraulic Valve Stands and Block Assemblies
Design and manufacture of hydraulic valve stands for a broad range of application
Valve stands are designed to provide ease of maintenance
Valves will be mounted on a steel manifold to minimise piping and provide ease of maintenance.
Termination for actuators ( A & B ports) are terminated on the Block or piped to a suitable place on the Valve Stand for easy piping
The manifold is supported by a fabricated steel frame. A drip tray is incorporated to collect oil, when valves are removed for maintenance.
Test points are provided to assist during fault finding.
Solenoid valves are pre-wired to terminal box.
Block assemblies
Single &Multi-station manifold blocks form the basis for ready to connect, as vertical stacking assembles, as per control circuits

Very compact hydraulic circuits can be built-up on each axis, using vertically stacked sandwich plate valves in combination with, direction control valves or proportional valves.

Each control station has separate actuator ports A and B,which can be on the side or on the bottom side of the Block as required.
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